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Applying for the DHHS Childcare Subsidy

NOTE: This is only for parents whose children are US Citizens!

The Process:

  1. Set up account and apply online at MyMaineConnection
  2. Wait a couple of days and call Portland DHHS office follow prompts for phone interview. Be prepared for the call to last 30 minutes. 
  3. Call/e-mail CCSP in Augusta. (Email is more effective). 

If a trustworthy friend/neighbor is seeking employment and qualifies as an unlicensed provider, then that might work. i.e., Employment for a friend and childcare for her. Not sure how that works, though (e.g. if unlicensed provider has to care for kids in unlicensed providers home). I know DHHS has been known to reimburse for babysitters – all questions for CCSP directly – perhaps just contact them first to see what options are available). 

A roommate who agrees to care for the kids overnight would be simplest and avoid the time delays with DHHS eligibility, etc. 

CCSP income guidelines

Contacts at DHHS CCSP