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Phone Scams

Please remind your mentee, NEVER to give out any personal information over the phone unless they’ve initiated the call. Unfortunately there are frequent cases of people calling and saying they’re with the Social Security Administration or DHHS or… Read More

Medical Bills

Tips Regarding Medical Bills You Receive If: You have medical bills that you cannot pay OR They are bills you believe are not accurate AND: You are preparing to file for asylum but do not yet have your… Read More

Car Buying

Contact Richie Axelsen/ President Owner, Auto Buying Assistant (ABA) Mobile: (207) 838-6082 Office: (207) 447-9961 Email: Richie is very experienced, user friendly, and has great contacts with dealers and bank loan agents. Following is a brief summary… Read More


IRS Free Tax Prep Info Goodwill Free Tax Prep Ca$hMaine Free Tax Prep Portland Public Library (Note: You’ll have to search for the info) ProsperityME – The don’t specifically have a program but they’re all about immigrants and… Read More


Excerpt from mailing list discussion on 12/14/2017 There are no ATM fees at any credit union in Maine, and there are no monthly fees on the accounts, except the $25 to “join” the credit union. This fee is… Read More

Credit Building

Secured Credit Cards To help establish and build credit, people can apply for a secured credit card. NOTE: The link is just an example, meaning we’re not suggesting you use CitiBank, as most/all credit companies will issue secured… Read More

Critical Needs Fund

The Steering Committee of Welcoming the Stranger, with the generous support of Temple Beth El (TBE), has established a separate, segregated project fund at TBE to allow tax-deductible donations to be made by individuals and foundations who would… Read More