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Boston Hearing Preparation

If you have an upcoming Asylum hearing in Boston, read this document on how to prepare for it. The sooner in the process you read this document, the better.

Checking Case Status

To check your case status with the Immigration Court you can… Call 1-800-898-7180 After the initial message, press 1 for instructions in English or just wait to hear the instructions in Spanish. You will be asked to enter… Read More

Boston Court Contact Information

Boston Immigration Court U.S. Department of Justice Immigration Court JFK Federal Building 15 New Sudbury Street, Room 320 Boston, MA 02203 Phone: 617-565-3080 Hours: 7:50 am – 4:30 pm Window Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Monday-Thurs) &… Read More

Canada – Irregular Border Crossing

This is good information on irregular border crossings to Canada.

Certificate of Translation

Your asylum application and all accompanying documents must be submitted in English. However, it is acceptable to have your Declaration and supporting documents translated from your native language into English. If you need your documents translated, download

Phone Scams

Please remind your mentee, NEVER to give out any personal information over the phone unless they’ve initiated the call. Unfortunately there are frequent cases of people calling and saying they’re with the Social Security Administration or DHHS or… Read More

Canada – Border Crossing

Canada – Rights for Refugees

A know-your-rights guide for non-US citizens coming to Canada from the US to make a refugee claim. Available in several languages, including Arabic, French and Spanish.

Legal Resources

ILAP (Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project) The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project helps low-income immigrants improve their legal status and works for more just and humane laws and policies affecting immigrants.

Asylum Process

Asylum in the United States This document from Family Promise provides an excellent overview of the Asylum Process. This document from ILAP provides excellent an overview of the 180-Day Asylum Clock. A fact sheet describing what asylum in… Read More