Financial Assistance

Scholarships for Maine Immigrants – SMI (Formerly “Portland ESL Scholarship Fund” )
The mission of Scholarships for Maine Immigrants (SMI), formerly Portland ESL Scholarship Fund, is to help local immigrants and refugees gain the English language and career skills necessary to achieve their educational and professional goals. Since 2000, SMI has awarded over 400 scholarships and $200,000 to fulfill this mission.

Maine Community Foundation – Many scholarships are limited to residents of specific counties or graduates of specific high schools.

Prosperity Maine – Federal programs to support immigrants who want to go to college but they don’t apply to asylum seekers.

Financial Authority of Maine (FAME) – Search for Maine scholarships.

Scholarships of Immigrants and Refugees – A bunch of random ones.

Parents As Scholars – If they receive TANF there is a program through FEDCAP.

USM Promise Scholarship – For anyone, regardless of circumstance.