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Furniture Friends
Warehouse Address:
15 Saunders Way
Loading Dock 500 D
Westbrook, ME 04098
Free, gently used furniture. Families must be referred by a case manager or social service provider. They have requested requested that all referrals from Welcoming the Stranger come through Jill Epstein. Following is the information I will need from you if you want me to make a referral for your mentee:

  1. Mentee’s full name and address including zip code. Mentee’s phone number and whether he/she can receive texts.
  2. If you are planning to coordinate and want Furniture Friends to contact you rather than your mentee I will also need your preferred contact info (cell phone for call or text or preferred email address)
  3. Number of people in the household
  4. Number of people under 18
  5. What items they are looking for and how many of each they need (you can see a list of what donations they accept here)
  6. Do you want the furniture delivered or will you arrange to pick it up at their Westbrook warehouse?

A couple of other things to note-

If you are requesting more than just beds, Furniture Friends will schedule a time to come out to do an assessment of the apartment. Also, if your mentee lives at 132 Bayside, Furniture Friends says they cannot deliver beds there. Those apartments are furnished and they can’t take out, or the client can’t get rid of, something that’s the property of the landlord.

Making it Home 
Gently used furniture, appliances, linens and household goods

Neighbors in Need (Closed Facebook Group)
All sorts of items, new. Items move quickly. Mentors post what they need or what they have.