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Medical Bills

Tips Regarding Medical Bills You Receive


  • You have medical bills that you cannot pay OR
  • They are bills you believe are not accurate


  • You are preparing to file for asylum but do not yet have your “A”-Number issued by
    USCIS (Immigration) AND
  • You intend to stay and live in Maine

There is help! If the bills you received were from Maine Medical Center, Maine Health,
Greater Portland Health, Nordx, or Spectrum, follow these steps to cancel the bills:

First: Apply for MaineCare. Online at: You will receive an
application MaineCare ID number showing you have applied, even if you don’t have an
eligibility appointment and decision yet. Or you can apply in person at the Maine Department
of Health & Human Services (DHHS) at the Jetport but you might have a long wait before you
speak with someone.

Second: Apply for Free Care. Go to Maine Medical Center (22 Bramhall Street, 207-887-5100
or 335 Brighton Avenue (going towards Westbrook, 207-662-8000). Ask for the Financial
Services office, and tell them you need to apply for Free Care.

When you apply for Free Care take with you:

  1. A letter from the shelter (if you are staying there) saying you are living there and that
    you intend to find a permanent home in Maine; OR if you are living in your own
    apartment or house, a piece of mail with your name and address on it (an electric bill, a
    letter from the clinic, or from USCIS);
  2. Your DHHS MaineCare application ID number even if you do not have a decision yet.
  3. A print-out from General Assistance with how much you have received in the past few

Maine Health will process an application for Free Care, and will send you a letter
saying you are unable to pay and that the bills should stop coming.

Third: Call the Billing Department and explain you applied for Free Care and MaineCare, you
are waiting for their decision and you want them to cancel your bill.

Fourth: When you get the decision mail them a copy.

Billing Departments: Spectrum Medical Group: 800-213-8382, Nordx 207-396-7820 or
888-393-4243, Greater Portland Health at 207-874-2141, Maine Health at 1-866-804-2499 or 207-887-5100