How Can We Help?


Mental Health & Therapy

For crisis call 774-HELP (4357): Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Greater Portland Health 
180 Park Avenue
Primary care, interpreters available

Gateway Community Services
999 Forest Avenue, Suite 7
Case management and counseling for immigrants – need MaineCare or insurance

Ingraham Mental Health
237 Oxford Street
Youth Alternatives – Ingraham partners with communities and individuals to deliver a full spectrum of social services and mental health care that begins prenatally and continues throughout the lifespan.

Maine Behavioral Healthcare
165 Lancaster St. 207-874-1030
12 Westbrook Common, Westbrook 207-856-1500
Provides a seamless and compassionate continuum of care through a community of providers collaborating to promote recovery and the overall mental and physical well-being of those we are privileged to serve.

Opportunity Alliance Adult Mental Health Services
510 Cumberland, Portland
207-523-5049 or 207-553-5800

Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Family Hope
Website of mental health resources in Maine

Catholic Charities, Support, and Recovery
Offers case management and care coordination for patients with MaineCare

Center for Grieving Children
The Center’s mission is to provide loving support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and fosters each individual’s resilience and emotional well-being. The Center reaches individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, and relies on financial contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, United Way, and special events.

Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS)
222 St. John Street
Case Management and mental health services to people with insurance.