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Technical Education

Northeast Technical Institute in Scarborough offers technical training and it’s possible that people can get financial help from the Maine Department of Labor.

Credentialing Agencies

At some point you might need to help someone verify their education from an overseas institution. To do this, you’ll need a Credentialing Agency. National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

Working with School Social Workers

The recommendation is that mentors contact the school social worker of whichever schools their families have kids attending, with the following things in mind: How to contact them: Call main number for school and ask to speak to… Read More


Migrant Education in Maine If your mentee is working in agriculture/seafood or fish processing, their children might qualify for free supplemental educational services. This could include at-home tutoring, homework help, liaising with the schools, etc. For more info,… Read More

Housing Programs

New Mainers Tenants’ Association Orientation and Housing Ambassadors Programs

Higher Education

ProsperityME Works in conjunction with the Financial Authority of Maine (FAME) to help immigrants and refugees to attain and pay for higher education. Also, as of January, 2018, they have a new, competitive, scholarship opportunity available to asylum… Read More

Pre-K & Daycare (Childcare)

Search for Childcare throughout Maine South Portland Public Schools Offers Pre-K programs. Westbrook Public Schools Offers Pre-K programs. Youth and Family Outreach 331 Cumberland Ave. Portland, ME 04103 207-874-1073 YFO operates an early care and education facility. YFO… Read More