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Excerpt from mailing list discussion on 12/14/2017 There are no ATM fees at any credit union in Maine, and there are no monthly fees on the accounts, except the $25 to “join” the credit union. This fee is… Read More

Credit Building

Secured Credit Cards To help establish and build credit, people can apply for a secured credit card. NOTE: The link is just an example, meaning we’re not suggesting you use CitiBank, as most/all credit companies will issue secured… Read More

Critical Needs Fund

The Steering Committee of Welcoming the Stranger, with the generous support of Temple Beth El (TBE), has established a separate, segregated project fund at TBE to allow tax-deductible donations to be made by individuals and foundations who would… Read More


ProsperityME In addition to their counseling, they have programs to help people get first/last/security deposits for rentals and scholarships for school. Mission: ProsperityME empowers, through education and counseling, members of refugee and immigrant communities to invest in themselves… Read More