Applying for the DHHS Childcare Subsidy

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The Process:

  1. Set up account and apply online at MyMaineConnection
  2. Wait a couple of days and call Portland DHHS office follow prompts for phone interview. Be prepared for the call to last 30 minutes. 
  3. Call/e-mail CCSP in Augusta. (Email is more effective). 

If a trustworthy friend/neighbor is seeking employment and qualifies as an unlicensed provider, then that might work. i.e., Employment for a friend and childcare for her. Not sure how that works, though (e.g. if unlicensed provider has to care for kids in unlicensed providers home). I know DHHS has been known to reimburse for babysitters – all questions for CCSP directly – perhaps just contact them first to see what options are available). 

A roommate who agrees to care for the kids overnight would be simplest and avoid the time delays with DHHS eligibility, etc. 

CCSP income guidelines

Contacts at DHHS CCSP

Last Updated On May 08, 2018